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BSc/MSc Theses

This is a (non-exclusive) list of thesis topics currently offered at PLAI. Please contact the mentioned person if you are interested in working on this topic, either as a BSc or MSc thesis. Other related topics may be available, too. 

  • Software diversity as dataset augmentation for learning representations of binary code (Moritz Dannehl)
  • Mining code comments for embedding binary code (Moritz Dannehl)
  • Adversarial prompt generation for Large Language Models (Johannes Kinder)
  • Efficient dynamic symbolic execution for finding bugs and/or behavioral changes in node.js/NPM packages (Johannes Kinder)
  • Detecting malicious code modifications in browser extensions (Matias Gobbi)
  • Classifying code modifications in node.js/NPM packages (Matias Gobbi)
  • Testing, re-hosting, and proofs of vulnerability in IoT firmware (Sebastian Jänich)
  • Locating n-day vulnerabilities in IoT firmware with static analysis (Sebastian Jänich)