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BSc/MSc Theses

This is a (non-exclusive) list of thesis topics currently offered at PLAI. Please contact the mentioned person if you are interested in working on this topic, either as a BSc or MSc thesis. Other related topics may be available, too.


In Progress

  • BSc Security testing of IoT firmware Sebastian Jänich
  • BSc Reverse engineering of vulnerabilities in IoT firmware Sebastian Jänich
  • BSc Patching open-source libraries in IoT firmware binaries Sebastian Jänich
  • BSc Locating n-day vulnerabilities in IoT firmware with static analysis Sebastian Jänich
  • MSc Automated black-box adversarial prompting for large language models for Code Johannes Kinder
  • MSc Robust Anomaly Detection in Logs for Industrial Control Systems Johannes Kinder
  • BSc Malware detection in open-source packages using locality-sensitive hashing Matías Gobbi
  • BSc Classifying code modifications in npm packages Matías Gobbi
  • BSc Measuring CodeQL performance against obfuscation techniques Matías Gobbi
  • MSc Detecting malicious code modifications in browser extensions Matías Gobbi
  • MSc Monitoring of the Node Package Manager Matías Gobbi
  • BSc Code Transpilation with Deep Learning Moritz Dannehl
  • BSc Software diversity as dataset augmentation for learning representations of binary code Moritz Dannehl
  • BSc Creating Rich Labels For Binary Functions Using Source Information Moritz Dannehl
  • BSc Incorporating machine learning into spectral analysis for source code clone detection Tristan Benoit
  • BSc Devising attacks against spectral analysis for clone detection Tristan Benoit
  • MSc Incorporating machine learning into spectral analysis for program clone detection Tristan Benoit


Last update 15. Feb. 2024